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Hearing Aid List is a wholly owned subsidiary of Senior Source List that

About Hearing Aid List

Hearing Aid List is a wholly owned subsidiary of Senior Source List that specializes in providing direct marketing information to hearing aid dealers, manufacturers, audiologists, and hearing aid marketing solutions providers. Our executives have been in the senior marketing field for well over 25 years. Since 1989, we have been compiling and producing accurate, targeted senior citizen lists for the hearing aid industry. Our successful databasesand development modeling have helped us quickly achieve a reputation for being an innovative provider of responsive direct marketing lists. We help our clients effectively identify prospects in their targeted geographic marketing areas who are most likely to be in the market for hearing aids and audiology products. If you are looking for ways to improve your marketing ROI, then a targeted hearing aid list is the only solution. Why would you spend tons of money marketing to the masses when you could hand-pick your best target audience and deliver a tailored message directly to them?

Industry Leaders

Over the past 25 years, we have been acknowledged as an industry leader, providing accurate hearing aid buyers lists. Our strongest asset today is still our staff, who are among the most proficient in helping our clients segment and acquire the best prospects for their marketing efforts. Our parent company, AmeriList, is a leading provider of database and direct mail marketing solutions,including: email marketing, creative design, strategic planning, database research and acquisition. AmeriList is a leader in the customized database design, data processing, data analysis, list management, and fulfillment solutions arena. When you work with Hearing Aid List, you get a dedicated team of list marketers who will guide you through the complex landscape of hearing aid list selections. Our lists are simply the best on the market when it comes to finding prospects who are most qualified to buy hearing aids. Many of the biggest names in the hearing aid solutions already work with us, and have found our lists to be superior. We sell to some of the biggest names in hearing aid marketing. So, don’t pay a middle-man, come directly to the source.

Hearing Aid Prospect Database: Hearing Related Ailment Sufferers

Hearing Aid List offers marketers access to one of the largest and most selectable databases of consumers suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus in country. This multisource database gives mailers a wide range of selections to pull from. With 100% residential household addresses, we offer more targeted selections to help hearing healthcare professionals, such as audiologists or otolaryngologists (ENT) find better prospects to market their service. As a leading provider of hearing aid marketing data, our mailing lists are intended for marketing and informational purposes only. We give our clients the ability to segment more targeted hearing aid prospects who are within their targeted geographic marketing area. Our data is largely sourced from self-reported information, in some instances demographic and behavioral data is appended to our list, allowing us to deliver more enhanced selections. Using our proprietary sophisticated analytical and modeling tools, we are able to derive accurate consumer-buying index scores (CBI), which allow us to further target and statistically identify those individuals who possess a better propensity to buy.

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